Cooperation between the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health

Given the current conditions of the planet, the activities in cooperation between the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health of each nation are essential to obtain the well-being of each population and of humanity in general, in this article we offer you information regarding this important entity and more.

What is the World Health Organization?

The World Health Organization is an agency that belongs to the United Nations and is dedicated to dealing with all issues related to world health. In this sense, it is the agency in charge of creating standards for disease control, health care and drugs with global reach.

To this end, it carries out education and research programs and publicly publishes scientific articles and reports to validate its research and findings on public health.

All the countries that belong to the United Nations have been considered in the PAHO strategy, which consists of cooperation with each nation to determine health priorities and act jointly to find solutions, implement measures that guarantee the well-being of the inhabitants

What is the Ministry of Health?

The Ministry of Health is the name of the entity in charge of managing, legislating and administering all matters related to the health of a country. In this sense, this ministry belongs to the government of said country and its representatives are determined by the political party that is ruling for the moment.

Beyond the political sphere, the functions of the Ministry of Health involve ensuring the well-being of citizens, creating strategies that contribute to improving their quality of life, ensuring compliance with the necessary health measures for this purpose, proposing new viable alternatives to achieve the objectives set, among others.

What is the cooperation between the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health about?

Taking into consideration the above, the World Health Organization, despite being an organization with a global reach, can exercise its functions in a geolocated manner through each of the ministries of health of the nations that are part of its jurisdiction.

In this sense, this cooperation is given by the strategies, activities, programs, plans and projects that arise as a result of the investigations of the World Health Organization and the logistics that each one of the ministries can provide. With the intention of adding the efforts of both organisms For the benefit of the health of the members of each nation in particular.

Through these cooperation activities, the commitment of the World Health Organization to fulfill the purposes for which it was created is demonstrated and, in the same way, any Ministry of Health that works cooperatively with this entity demonstrates his interest in benefiting the citizens who have chosen him to be at the forefront of everything related to the health of the country for which they perform functions.

What kind of activities can WHO and the Ministry of Health carry out jointly in each country?

The sum of the efforts of both organizations is key to benefiting the quality of life of any nation. In this sense, these are some of the activities that can be implemented jointly:

  • Research programs to advance knowledge about certain diseases.
  • Education and awareness strategies for the population to teach them how to prevent these diseases, the importance of getting vaccinated, among other things.
  • Vaccination plans for highly contagious and frequent diseases.
  • Construction of assistance centers in rural communities, hospitals and pharmacies in the cities.
  • Contribute to the education of medical and nursing staff.
  • Contribute resources to offer the necessary treatments to patients.

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