How to contribute to the environment?

If you are wondering how to contribute to the environment, in this article we offer you a series of viable alternatives with which we show that even small actions add up to achieve the change that our planet needs so much, do not miss it.

How to contribute to the environment?

Our planet is in danger and needs the collaboration of all its inhabitants to minimize pollution, avoid deforestation and protect biodiversity.
Surely you have wondered on more than one occasion what you could do to help the environment. In this post we offer you 7 simple tasks that you can put into practice to contribute to change. You will see that they do not require too much effort, only the willingness to help and the commitment to improve our planet.

Grow your own food

Organic production is much less polluting for the environment, since fertilizers are not used. In this sense, we recommend creating a garden at home where you can have your own fresh and nutritious food.

Plant trees

It is well known that trees function as natural lungs and are essential for life on the planet, as they produce oxygen, which we breathe at the same time that they reduce carbon dioxide, absorb polluting gases, regulate temperature, provide shade and more. Plant a tree contribute to the care of the environment.

Save water

Water is a non-renewable and scarce resource, what should we use responsibly? Make sure to turn off the tap while you brush your teeth. Take a shower in the shortest time possible every drop.

Separate the garbage

Recycling waste in suitable containers for organic matter, glass, plastic, cardboard and toxic elements is ideal to contribute to the correct disposal of waste and take care of the environment.

Reuse everything you can

Give a second life to objects before discarding them to contribute to the environment, not only does it mean that you can save some money, but it also contributes to reducing the amount of waste that is produced on the planet. You can reuse clothes, toys or any simple home with imagination and creativity.

Connect with nature

If you take the time to look around you, breathe, disconnect from social networks and the internet, electronic devices or daily routine, you will find that nature has the ability to heal and feed your soul.

In addition to the aforementioned alternatives, here are other small actions that you can implement to achieve a big change:

  • Disconnect the charger of your cell phone when you are not using it and you will see that this small action will imply a great saving of energy. In addition, in this way you can extend its useful life.
  • Use the water where you boil your food to water the plants, just make sure it is not hot or contains salt, so you will be providing them with additional nutrients.
  • With the organic waste that you usually generate at home, such as fruit or egg shells, coffee grounds, among others, you can create compost for your plants.
  • It is useless to water a tree if you do not take care of it so that it grows. Make sure to keep it indoors and then transplant it to a place where it can survive when it’s big enough.
  • Animals are part of biodiversity, you can create food containers for birds or drinkers and put them within their reach in the garden of your house.
  • If you visit the beach, the mountains or any natural environment during your holidays or on weekends, make sure you take all the rubbish you generate with you and leave no trace of your presence in the place.

Share these measures with other people who are also interested in contributing to the environment and more and more of us will be working for change.

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